Thursday, August 13, 2009

Test Icicles-For Screening Purposes Only


This is arguably one of the finest albums of the 2000's. Test Icicles were a terrific genre-mashing trio from the U.K., with a sound that can be described any number of ways. I like to say they're like the B-52's meets Benny Bennassi meets Bad Brains. At times spastic, at times poppy, occasionally somewhat hood, weird the whole way through, yet absolutely terrific. Whether it's the dance-pop of Circle, Square, Triangle, the hardcore-meets-house on Catch It, or the just plain weird, like on Dancing On Pegs, this album is bloody brilliant, and definitely worth a listen.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Team Teamwork

Out of Maine, Team Teamwork has made a couple novelty remix albums. The first one, Good-Ass Remixes, pairs top-40 hip-hop with some more popular indie acts, like Sigur Ros, Man Man, Iron & Wine, and Elliot Smith. The other album, the Ocarina of Rhyme, pairs rappers with classic Zelda tones, making for two whole albums that, in my opinion, are the epitome of hip-hop for white people.